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5k Foam Fest has 22 of some of the best and most exciting Obstacles in the world including the worlds largest inflatable waterslide, slip and slides, and mucky mud pits! Combine these with 2.5 million cubic feet of foam that we pump out at each event and you are destined to have a awesome day! Check out the obstacles:

Foamy Start

Lily Pads

DD Mega Slide

Chamber of Foam

Cargo Climb

Body Washer

Spider web forrest (x2)

Walls (x2)

Tire Step

Foam Zone

Mud Crawl (x2)

Slip n Slide (x3)

Log Roll

Tube Town - Tube Crawl

Mud Pit (x3)

Hurdle Power

Foamy Finish


What is The 5K Foam Fest?

The 5K Foam Fest is a one of a kind event. We make it a fun and exciting challenge for experienced and beginner runners alike. The 5K Foam Fest is not a hardcore run it is a FUNCORE run. Walk it, Charge it, Run it, Fun it! A festival atmosphere offering activities for all ages.

Does The 5K Foam Fest align with any charities?

Yes, we have aligned ourselves with local Food Banks across the country! We believe in actively supporting our local communities and contributing to organizations and groups that support causes close to our hearts.
Bring a non-perishable food item to the event and receive a FREE custom Foam Fest lanyard ($5 value)

What sets The 5K Foam Fest apart from other runs?

Our number one priority is the customer experience! We really emphasize a friendly fun-filled day that caters to each and every one of our participants!! Our pricing is affordable so that either an individual, family or group can come out and enjoy a full day of fun with custom features, a fun atmosphere and memories to last a lifetime!

Where do we find the photos after the event?

Smile! Photos from the event will be edited and uploaded as soon as possible. Photos will be sorted and available for download the week following your event. Please remember to wear your bib on the front so that we can capture your number for sorting. You can access all published photos by clicking on the "photos" menu at the top of this page.

Can I register at the run?

Once waves are filled we can no longer accept registrations. If there are still openings you are welcome to register the day of but remember it is not guaranteed that there will be open wave times. Day of registration will cost $85.00. We suggest registering early, the sooner you sign up the more money you save on registration!

What if the wave time I want is full?

Generally our wave times fill up quickly. For that reason, we suggest that if you want to run as a group to sign up early! If your wave time is full, but some of your team members have not signed up yet, we suggest switching your wave time to an open wave time that can accommodate all of your team members. Send us an email at info@the5kfoamfest.com and we can do our best to accommodate. Note: there may be a fee to do so. As a reminder, if you and your team members need to run in multiple wave times you will still be counted together for any team contests or competitions.

Can I change my registration or start times?

There are some changes that can be made to registrations for a $15 fee. We cannot make changes after 5:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) the Friday before the run. For all registration changes email info@the5kfoamfest.com.

I'm having problems registering.

If you're having trouble registering email us at info@the5kfoamfest.com and let us know what problems you are encountering. Our staff will be more than happy to help you out!

Can I transfer to a different location or person?

Yes, there will be a $15 fee to transfer your registration to another location or person. We cannot make any more changes after 5:00 pm EST the Friday before the run. To complete a transfer please email info@the5kfoamfest.com.

I didn't receive my registration confirmation.

If you did not receive your registration confirmation please email us at info@the5kfoamfest.com and we will take care of you no problemo!

Can my child do the run?

All children must be physically, mentally, and emotionally capable to complete the course with proper course etiquette.

  • 8 to 12 years must run with a Registered Adult. Parents must use proper judgement and help the youngsters decide on what obstacles to do or not based on their ability, size and confidence level.
  • 13+ years do not require an adult chaperone, but must adhere to all course rules and regulations.
  • 7 years and under cannot run the 5k Foam Fest, but they can join us for FREE in our Kids FUN Zone, where they can try out our mini Inflatable Obstacle Course and Bounce House!

What should I wear?

We encourage people to get crazy and creative and come in just about anything. All we ask is no cleats or sharp objects since a good portion of our course is inflatables, of course, and we wouldn’t want one to go POP!

Can journalists run for free?

Please email us at info@the5kfoamfest.com and we will take care of you.

Does The 5K Foam Fest need volunteers?

As we continuously grow and expand our locations – the demand for staff also increases. You can now sign up to volunteer online.
We really appreciate people taking the day to come out and support our events, so THANK YOU!

Can I get a discount?

Do you have a large team or corporate group? Email us at info@the5kfoamfest.com with the total number of participants.

Also, keep an eye out for specials on Facebook and Instagram. There is always fun stuff happening here including announcements, promotions, special discount codes and updates on all the latest and greatest from The 5K Foam Fest.

How do I activate my promo code?

When registering, under the "Checkout" tab, you will enter your code in the coupon code box. You must then click "Apply". Note: If you do not apply the code when you register, you cannot receive a refund or have that code applied afterward. If you have a problem with your promo code make sure you contact us at info@the5kfoamfest.com BEFORE you process your registration or we will not be able to help you.

How long will the run take a participant to complete?

The average person takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete the course. The run itself is designed to avoid congestion on the course with a heated wave system running every 15 minutes in desirable numbers. This gives each and every participant a chance to experience The 5K Foam Fest at its best possible state!

How many people attend a day at The 5K Foam Fest?

We cap our registration numbers at 5000 people so that we can really focus on the participant experience. We never want our participants waiting in lines and not getting the full effect that 5K Foam Fest has to offer.

What should I bring to the run?

Bring yourself, your gear, and plan to get Foamy and muddy with a positive attitude – this is a judgement free zone so there is no need to be nervous. We can’t stress enough that this is YOUR run and we want YOU to have as much fun as possible!

A few extra things we suggest include:

  • Money for parking ($10)
  • A change of clothes
  • A towel to dry yourself off
  • Some SPF for those fair skinned beauties
  • Waterproof camera/action cam to capture your funny and memorable moments
  • Garbage bags for your car seats (trust us, the mud may come home with you!)

What else do I need to know?

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation with a download link to your Registrant Information Package and Waiver Form. Please review these and have your waiver completed and signed for the day of the run. If you have registered but did not download these items, please download it now.

Still need your event waiver? Visit the Find Out More page of your run location to download the event waiver.

Why are USA prices higher than Canadian?

Our USA costs are substantially higher. Insurance is a big factor in this price adjustment. We aim to be as fair as we can and as economical as we can for our customers.




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General: info@the5kfoamfest.com

Business Hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST. Please allow 2 Business days for response. Remember we are not here on weekends!
Before sending us an email make sure you check out our FAQs - most of your questions can be answered here!